Huckleberry's Chantico's Sweet Revenge has a fantastic temperament. "Tico" is great with children, very loving and just loves to snuggle. She is very patient with our daughter when she wants to play "dress up" as you can see from some of her pictures. Tico is a firm believer that she is a lap dog and our kids only confirmed this belief; even after she outgrew their laps. Tico has a funny personality and is such a happy bully.  She has a gorgeous big square, bully head and perfect conformation. We could not ask for more; she is the perfect all around dog.
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Huckleberry's English Bulldogs is pleased to announce the future breeding between Championed Sired Huckleberry's Chantico's Sweet Revenge to Vinnie.  If all goes well, we should be expecting a litter October 4th, 2012. Tico and Vinnie are registered with the AKC.

is a remarkable Bully meeting the Standard in every way.  He has a beautiful shaped head, great height and weight, and a wonderful temperament.

All of our Engish Bulldog Puppies are microchipped, vaccinated and well on their way to being potty trained before going to their forever home at 12 weeks of age.  The pups are taught to walk on a leash, potty trained, crate trained, and bite inhibition. Our Bulldog puppies are very well socialized with children, as well as other dogs. 

Our English Bulldog puppies will be on our puppy camera! What better way to choose your English Bulldog puppy than to see him or her play and interact with the other puppies each and every day? What a great way to get to know them and not miss a single moment of this important time of your puppies development. Not to mention what fun it is for the whole family to get together to watch the newest member of your family. How fun?!

Why do English Bulldogs cost so much?

If your first question is PRICE, this is probably not the breed for you.  It is quite expensive to breed HIGH QUALITY and HEALTHY purebred AKC registered English Bulldogs.

There is a great deal of time, effort and expense involved in raising a Bulldog litter.  It can cost $3000-$5000 to breed, deliver & raise a litter, which does not include well over 2160 hours spent raising the litter. The average litter size is 4-5 pups. In order to prepare the female for breeding, pre-breeding testing, ovulation testing, etc. are necessary, which requires a minimum of three trips to the vet. The health testing for a dam is around $650.

The female is artificially inseminated, starting with progesterone testing at $100 each for 2-3 times, another 3 trips to the vet at $250 per trip if straight AI, or $1,000 if surgical AI is needed, not to mention the expense for the semen/stud service which is $700 and up.  Approximately 4 weeks later, the female is brought to the vet for an ultrasound and after day 53 x-rays. (It is important to be sure the female is pregnant $150 for each).  After confirmation of the pregnancy, you start a special diet (over $200) and constant monitoring for the next 5 weeks, plus getting the nursery ready with heating pads, bottles, blankets, medical supplies, milk re-placer, puppy scale, and the list goes on and on. Then the delivery by C-section, which can cost upwards of $1500-$1800, assuming she went into labor DURING regular office hours and all went well.

Females produce only 3-4 litters in their life. This is a special breed which requires the help of humans to bring a litter to 8 weeks of age. In spite of their appearance the Bulldog, as a newborn puppy is extremely fragile. It requires constant monitoring of the puppies (every 2 hours, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the first 21 days of their life).  Bulldogs do not make the best mothers because they may accidentally lay on a puppy and not even realize it, which leads to suffocation.

The puppies are normally checked by the vet a minimum of 4 times during their first 8 weeks, including wormings and puppy shots (over $600). The Bulldog is a breed that requires MAXIMUM effort on the part of the breeder to make sure that all the puppies turn out healthy.

The whole procedure is VERY costly. You will find that most breeders range their pet bully's around the $2000 mark, depending on the pedigree (Champion v Non-Champion bloodline).  PLEASE BEWARE of "great deals" and "cheap puppies", they may cost you a lot more in the end - not just money, but heartache too!

The English Bulldog is a fun, loving and caring dog.  Well worth every penny spent!  Huckleberry’s English Bulldogs would like to wish you good luck with your English Bulldog search!


If you would like to be put on our news list, please submit your information in the form provided so you can receive updates and litter news. We are currently accepting $500 dollar deposits to reserve a pup. If you are sure you want a pup and would like to reserve your spot in the picking order be sure to send in your deposit. Pups are chosen in the order deposits are received. We use PayPal so transactions are convenient and secure. We look forward to sharing our pups with you and your family!


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