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Silver Fox Rabbit Oser's Silver Fox Rabbit Title Silver Fod Rabbit Hole
Currently we only raise Silver Fox Rabbits and do not have plans to expand into other breeds.  We are working to establish quality stock, with 2 goals in mind.  The first goal is to have quality stock to establish new breeders.  The second goal is to produce large fast growing meat rabbits, that reach a market weight, ideally by 8 weeks old.   
We have blacks, blues, chocolates & lilacs. Our White Silver Fox line has been discontinued. Most of our stock carries genes for all 4 colors, I think it makes the litters more interesting. It is not uncommon to have all 4 colors in the same litter.
It was not easy for us to obtain stock, being in the Southeastern, U.S.   We have rabbits from SC, MI, MD., WV, GA, OH, Ind., Minn., & Wisc. In the past few years we have obtained stock from (all the states listed). 
This is strickly a hobby for us, it is not to make money, if it were, I am a huge failure!  We just enjoy them & enjoy trying to make a better Silver Fox..  We welcome your inquiries and visits to the rabbitry.


Originally developed as a dual purpose rabbit, for meat & fur.  The breed was created in North Canton, Ohio in the 1920's  by Walter Garland, they are the 2nd or 3rd  TRUELY American breed of rabbit..  They are a Heritage breed that is critically endangered.
Two things caused these large gentle rabbits to nearly go extinct.
They have a beautiful fur & are the only breed of rabbit that has a stand up coat, meaning, if you pet them from the rump towards the head, the fur will stay up until you stroke the rabbit in the opposite direction.  But because of the ease & economy of synthetic products, rabbit fur fell out of favor, replaced by synthetics
Meat processors preferred white rabbits, because if a hair was on the meat, a white hair was much less noticable.


Silver Fox Rabbit Coloring

Blacks - Currently the only accepted color in the breed standard. Blues - The blue Silver Fox is currently under COD (certificate of development). They are the dilute color of black. They have been around since the creation of the breed, but because the numbers became so small & no one was showing them, the American Rabbit Breeders Assoc. delisted them in 1971.

Chocolates - Are a new color variety developed recently, they are also currently under a COD (certificate of development).. Lilacs - The dilute color of chocolate is lilac. There currently is no plans to recognize this color. The color can be described as very similiar to a common morning dove in your yard.

Whites - Have been around since the creation of the breed. There are no plans to accept them & many breeders cull hard to get the white gene out of their herd.



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