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border collie custom website design dig sitting website design mastiff website design french bulldog custom website design
     lacy game dog website design laser center custom website design silversmith website design english bulldog custom website design
       cleaning website design blue lacy custom website design rabbitry website design bc dog website design


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blue lacy dog website design game dog custom website design rottweiler website design
custom french bulldog website design bulldog custom website design kennel club website design photographer website design
TNC dog grooming   french bulldog website design  


Excited to see what I can do for you?

Forget the do it yourself website that will get you nowhere in the search engines. Skip the cookie cutter boring web designs from templates. You've worked hard to get your business going, get a web site to showcase your product like it deserves. Give customers a unique and entertaining browsing experience so they remember you and your product. View our popular value-packed custom web design deals and interactive custom website designs. The unique, custom website design, quality and price make them unbeatable.

Custom and one of a kind website designs at affordable prices. Most sites designed in three days or less. Put us to work for you today and see what we can do for you. With only a 3 day turn around time you will be up and running in no time.

*You really need to click to get the full effect of the custom designs, special effects and animation. Your 3D Design will make your customers browsing experience memorable so they return time and time again.



About me ~ Stephanie Schenk

There are a million website designers out there. In fact you yourself could be one with all these free websites from templates offered all over the internet. In fact you see them all over and they are very easy to spot. Those are the sites you have to scroll, scroll, scroll down the page. They have text all over the page and pictures thrown in for good measure. They have no order and horrible color schemes or glaring color schemes with florescent backgrounds or text. They are just downright ugly, plain and absolutely a chore to view. What about the menus that go on and on down the left side of the page? How horrible and how boring! If a person has a choice between purchasing a product from such a cold, unorganized site and a fun, interactive, gorgeous site which do you think they would purchase from. It is a simple fact…presentation and packaging is everything. The corporate giants know it. It is no different for a small business. Competition is fierce; you need every edge you can get. You’ve heard the saying, “The first impression is the lasting impression”. Make your home page stand out and be memorable to your visitors. It should grab their attention and make them want to have a look around. Memorable also means you will be the first one to pop into their minds when they want more of whatever you are selling. What about word of mouth? A large part of small business sales is either repeat clientele or a recommendation from someone they know; just another reason to make your site stand out from the rest. I graduated from the New York Film Academy in 2006. Specializing in special effects and 3D animation I decided to put these skills to work designing unique, one of kind websites. If you are looking for something spectacular and fun, feel free to Email and I will get started immediately. I work very fast so I recommend you have all the pictures and text you want in a folder ready to Email. After all what is the use of having a very cool site if there is no content?